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Robert Romanyshyn

Educator, Author and Psychotherapist 



Inner Journeys in the Outer World

The DVD awakens the bond between the living soul of nature and us


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Excerpt of a lecture based on the DVD

In this Jung Platform lecture excerpt, Robert explores the intertwining of psyche and nature in the context of the ecological crisis of the melting polar ice.

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Dec 1, 2019  Sunsetting, Alaign, France



Ronald Duncan's Hut


The miracle in the mundane,

    The extra-ordinary in the ordinary

Happens at Ronald Duncan’s hut

Sitting quietly, trying to wait out 

 the thoughts in my mind

--taking flight like weightless birds--

to make a place for what wants to be here:

     different birds--
  born in their resistance to gravity—

    pull me toward the sky,

wondering if they know the currents of air that 

hold them up to soar, 


if it is the wind calming their desperate flapping, inviting their trust in its promise.

Into this emptying space whispers:


  rock and wind

 there and there and there flowers







rolling waves of stillness



Sum Zero!!

Should I go into the hut 

    to write this—is it a poem?—

        on paper?


    Then I see him as I turn a corner

(Rilke’s man on the hill who,

    overlooking his valley for the last time,

will stop and turn and linger

we do live our lives

forever taking leave)


    Cap on his head,

        walking stick in hand,

            sweatered in green

    He stands there


I retreat

        wait a bit

    Do I want this quiet solitude disturbed?

    Turning again round the corner toward the hut.

        he is gone


    Crossing the threshold into the room

        the man on the hill

        is present

        Andrew Lawson!!!


He has brought books of John Moat

    as if he has granted my wish

    to have a book of poems, and his especially,

to companion me in this poet’s hut 

It is a meeting of two old men

    who have climbed this hill,

a journey whose beginnings are fogged in mystery

We talk of the landscape,

    its quiet peace

We talk of ageing,

    of who we have been and not been

    of what we have done and not done


    Only stories

        in this moment that 

            has always been

                and will be


When we part,


the hut has had a drop of grace 

added to its walls

July 15, 2019 Mead Farm, Devon, England