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Robert Romanyshyn

Educator, Author and Psychotherapist 

Inner Journeys in the Outer World

The DVD awakens the bond between the living soul of nature and us


You can purchase it here.

Excerpt of a lecture based on the DVD

In this Jung Platform lecture excerpt, Robert explores the intertwining of psyche and nature in the context of the ecological crisis of the melting polar ice.


Robert Romanyshyn did an interview for The London Based Psychotherapy Excellence Group as one talk in a six part series dealing with soul in therapy, research and culture. For information about his presentation as well as the other presentations go to:

His interview for the Psychology Department Archives at Duquesne University can be viewed by going to
In this 2 hour interview he reminisces about the origins of the program in phenomenological psychology at Duquesne University, the cultural context for its rise in the late 1950s and the 1960s in the United States and the ways phenomenology influenced his life and work in psychology and informed his approaches to psychotherapy, research and reflections on technology.