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Robert Romanyshyn

Educator, Author and Psychotherapist 



Inner Journeys in the Outer World

This video awakens the bond between the living soul of nature and us

View it here.

Excerpt of a lecture based on the DVD

In this Jung Platform lecture excerpt, Robert explores the intertwining of psyche and nature in the context of the ecological crisis of the melting polar ice.

Poetry On Line

To celebrate National Poetry Month in April, Robert was invited to publish 3 poems:

Just Wondering
Early Summer Mornings
Being Elemental

 To visit the site where they are published go to

Exiting the House of Academia
By Robert Romanyshyn


I have been a standup comedian for the soul,
a juggler of passions,
a clown in a painted face,
a magician with a few bad tricks,
and a fool.

I have dropped milk-white semen words on many pages
and dripped blue honey in unsuspecting ears.
I have written articles and books,
traveled to far places,
made too many speeches,
ranted and raved,
begged and wept,
and made numerous appeals.

What is left behind of all these efforts,
of all these disguises?
Some legacy, some small trace of who I am, that I was here?
Are there any children of these deeds,
so many of which seem ill conceived?

On gray, empty days I see only abortions,
stillbirths and miscarriages.
And it seems I have wasted my seed and my life,
chasing phantoms.

I am getting old now and my days are long and slow.
I sit in the sun with a big hat to cover my face.
I have no magic to make the ghosts disappear,
and I am still a fool.

But at night in my dreams,
a poet sometimes comes
who leads me from the house of academia
into the streets of life.


Eclipse of Light

Epiphany of Light