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Robert Romanyshyn

Teacher, Writer and Psychotherapist - Jungian Psychology and Phenomenology

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Inner Journeys in the Outer World





Robert is an Emeritus Professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Author of seven books including his most recent Leaning toward the Poet: Eavesdropping on the Poetry of Everyday Life, numerous book chapters and journal articles, he has given keynote addresses at conferences around the world and is available to speak and lead workshops on various subjects.

 Psychology as a Vocation

There is a thin place where dream and event meet, a pivotal place where, as the poet John Keats once noted, the world is the vale of soul making. My life in psychology has been a journey in the world in search of those threshold places and their momentary epiphanies. Along the way I have come to realize that psychology has been more than a profession I chose. It has been a vocation that chose me. 

Indeed, in becoming a psychologist I sense at times that I have been following a path coded in my name, Romanyshyn, which means ‘son of a gypsy.’ I have been a wanderer drawn to those fringe areas where psychology spills into philosophy and poetry, where history and literature percolate with the shared collective dreams of the soul, and where the splendor of the world’s simple displays can awaken a forgotten, lost and elemental sense of home.

In summary I would say that central to all my work has been the issue of homecoming and telling the stories of how glimpses of home shine through at those places where the outer worlds of nature and the inner worlds of psyche meet.

Please check out some of my books and look over the description of the workshops and other events I have presented.