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Robert Romanyshyn

Teacher, Writer and Psychotherapist - Jungian Psychology and Phenomenology

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August 12 (Starts)

The Frankenstein Prophesies: Jungian-Archetypal Reflections on Ecological Crises and the God Wars

10 Class Webinar
Jung Platform


January 2016

Cultivating a Poetic Sensibility in a Wired World 

A Six Part Interactive Course

Robert Romanyshyn, Brian Tracy and Bonnie Bright

Depth Psychology Alliance


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Robert is an Emeritus Professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Author of seven books including his most recent Leaning toward the Poet: Eavesdropping on the Poetry of Everyday Life, numerous book chapters and journal articles, he has given keynote addresses at conferences around the world and is available to speak and lead workshops on various subjects.


The Jung Platform is Hosting an

with Robert Romanyshyn, PhD

A Ten Class Course

The Frankenstein Prophecies: Jungian-Archetypal Reflections on Ecological Crises and the God Wars

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Listen to Bonnie Bright of the Depth Psychology Alliance interviewing Robert on the Frankenstein Prophecies.

Session 4:  Sept 30 
Conceived by Man, Not Born of Woman     

The key theme in this webinar is the sacrifice of the feminine in Victor Frankenstein’s project to infuse dead matter with the spark of life. In this project the Creature made by Frankenstein is a new form of life, made from the mind of man and man alone. Building on the three previous seminars, the exiled feminine is the shadow of that Promethean mind that is re-imagined as the Spectator mind at the origins of modern science and technology. In the webinar we meet the figures of the feminine in Mary Shelly’s story who are sacrificed to this project as well as archetypal figures like Eve, Eurydice and others who preceded them, and the ones like Freud’s hysteric and the earth as mother nature among others who linger on the margins and in the shadows today as prophetic expressions of them. What are their untold tales? And how does making a  place for those untold stories transform our current crises?  


Leaning Toward the Poet: Eavesdropping
on the Poetry of Everyday Life

Leaning Toward the Poet: Eavesdropping on the Poetry of Everyday Life is one part of a memoir about becoming and un-becoming a psychologist. In the Introduction I tell the story of how dreams and poetry have escorted me through the world of academic psychology in search of a poetic sensibility to craft a style of 

writing in service to the subtle epiphanies of experience.  The light of a summer morning, the appeals of an empty bench, the surprise of a spider’s web framed by rain drops, the smile on the face of a stranger at the threshold of a door, the tableau of a porch on a Sunday morning with cups and plates displayed on a table attesting to the expected visit of a friend, the passing glimpse of a stranger standing in a doorway that unfolds as a story: such moments among many others are the stuff at the heart of the poetry of everyday life. Rising from the depths of soul, these epiphanies require one to be a witness who, through a whispered allusion, might be responsive to their elusive presence.

The poems in this small volume accompanied in places by images celebrate the splendor of the simple, attest to the miracle in the mundane, and explore both the shadows and the stray lines of experience that undo our map making minds. They are gifts I have gathered along the way while travelling in the company of the poets. 

In an age of information overload and diminishing time spent on the simple things in life, Leaning Toward the Poet is an invitation to slow down and pause to attend to those occasions when memory and imagination lead one to unexpected occurrences that wake us to what is happening around us and allow us to appreciate that, as John Keats, said, the world is indeed the vale of soul making.

You can purchase this book here as well as my other titles.