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Robert Romanyshyn

Educator, Author and Psychotherapist 



Inner Journeys in the Outer World

This video awakens the bond between the living soul of nature and us

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Excerpt of a lecture based on the DVD

In this Jung Platform lecture excerpt, Robert explores the intertwining of psyche and nature in the context of the ecological crisis of the melting polar ice.

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Robert is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute. Author of eight books including his recently published Victor Frankenstein, the Monster and the Shadows of Technology: The Frankenstein Prophecies, he has published essays in psychology, philosophy, literary and education journals, written a play about Frankenstein’s Monster, has done radio and TV discussions as well as online interviews, webinars, podcasts and made a DVD movie of his trip to Antarctica. In addition, he has given keynote addresses at conferences, lectured at universities and professional societies and conducted workshops in the U.S., Europe, Australia, South Africa, Canada and New Zealand.


His special area of concern is the psychology of technology especially in terms of climate crises and the impacts of digital media on our social structures. In addition, he is interested in the healing power of poetry, the art and practice of psychotherapy, the wisdom and value of dreams, the art of memoir writing, and the relations between psychology and the humanities.


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Continuing 2022 sixteen psychological reflections on Covid
These blogs, which are psychological reflections on the COVID-19 crisis from
the perspective of Jung’s psychology, explore the archetypal and cultural-
historical origins of the rise of the scientific-technological world view as a key
source that has made COVID -19 possible. Each of these blog posts is an attempt
to express in a brief way a reflection on some topic of interest and concern and
an invitation to stop for a moment in the midst of what so often today feels like
an onslaught of ever-increasing events that seem and might very well prove to be
catastrophic in ways that are unimaginable. For a moment in this place of the
pause, these essays attempt to open the space of the creative imagination to
regard these events from soul’s point of view.

It is, of course, a challenge to let go of the facts – scientific or otherwise – and
ideas, theories or conspiracies, when there is such a heightened sense of fear,
anxiety, and the underlying sorrow in the face of the possible loss of loved ones,
friends, and the stories and images of the worldwide suffering of others that settle
in our bones.

It is difficult, maybe even impossible, to do so. But it is necessary if we are to
attend, for example, to the wisdom of the virus and what it might be saying to us
about who we are and have become so that its presence is now a global

Upcoming 2022

Feb 9
Ph D Life Raft
Lecture on research: The Wounder researcher
University of London and the host of The PhD Life Raft

Feb 12
Dream Course
Three classes on Imaginal dreamwork

March 7
Hampstead Therapy Group
Lecture Psychotherapy for End Times

March 15
Q/A session for Imaginal dream course on Feb 12 7-10

March 28
Lecture in the Diploma program, Eco-Psychotherapy and the Emerging
Adolescent Mind: Reclaiming our indigenous relationship with nature
sponsored by Roger Duncan,


April 8
Presentation The Frankenstein Prophecies
Workshop Personal and Cultural Problematics

April 9
Ireland Art and Psyche Symposium; The Otherworld

MA in Art, Psyche and the Creative Imagination

September 7-11
Italy Presentation at Embodied Jung Conference
Robert D. Romanyshyn: 
‘All the World’s a Stage’: Dramatic Encounters in the Therapy Room

September 14-17
Vilnius, Lithuania
ECArTE European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education
Memory as Anamnesis: The Time of Memory and the Memory of


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Coinciding with Robert Romanyshyn's retirement from Pacifica Graduate Institute as Prof. Emeritus of Clinical Psychology, Imagining Psychology: Philosophical, Psychological and Poetic Reflections’ is a collection of 23 essays written by his colleagues, friends and former students to honor and celebrate his life and work in psychology. Edited by Michael Sipiora the essays cover the wide range of his interests and demonstrate the impact that his work has had in Jungian and Existential-Phenomenological psychology. 


Clouds Dreaming Water Dreaming Clouds

Life---a drop of rain on a stone!